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Compilation and Execution

Important Notice

Starting from v1.4.0-beta24-02-20, the project will be temporarily closed source, preparing for refactoring to support modular development before being open sourced again. The current version on GitHub is v1.3.0 stable release.


# Development run
pnpm dev

# Compile and package (generates the dist directory; if used in conjunction with the backend, change it to 'web')
pnpm build


  1. Before formally compiling the program, enter the service directory.

  2. Follow the Static Resource Compilation Tutorial to compile backend static files.

  3. Formal compilation

# Enter the backend project
cd service

# Development run
go run main.go

# Compile and package
go build -o sun-panel main.go



Before executing the commands, ensure that you have cloned the project code and use the command line to navigate to the project root directory.

Build the Docker image

docker build -t sun-panel .

Run (replace D:\docker\data\sun-panel with the local development path)

docker run --rm -d -p 3003:3002 -v D:\docker\data\sun-panel\conf:/app/conf -v D:\docker\data\sun-panel\runtime:/app/runtime -v D:\docker\data\sun-panel\uploads:/app/uploads -v D:\docker\data\sun-panel\database:/app/database --name sun-panel sun-panel

Released under the MIT License.