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A server, NAS navigation panel, Homepage, Browser homepage.


  • 🍉 Clean interface, powerful functionality, low resource consumption
  • 🍊 Easy to use, visual operation, zero-code usage
  • 🍠 One-click switch between internal and external network modes
  • 🍵 Supports Docker deployment (compatible with Arm systems)
  • 🎪 Supports multi-account isolation
  • 🎏 Supports viewing system status
  • 🫙 Supports custom JS, CSS
  • 🍻 Simple usage without the need to connect to an external database
  • 🍾 Rich icon styles for free combination, supports Iconify icon library
  • 🚁 Supports opening small windows in the webpage (some third-party websites may block this feature)


  • Drag-and-drop sorting
  • Import and export functionality
  • Add guest accounts
  • File management for uploaded files (enhances reuse for accounts, saves space)
  • Multi-language support
  • Server monitoring
  • Custom JS, CSS
  • Custom footer
  • User-customized search box search engine
  • Customization of search box style (background color, text color)
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Integration of Docker container status, management
  • Integration of third-party application APIs

Preview Screenshots

Various styles, freely combined

Built-in small windows

Released under the MIT License.